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Evri Drop-Off

If you are looking for quick and easy parcel delivery, then you should consider using services with drop-off points. They offer a range of benefits and make your life considerably easier by removing the stress of having your parcel picked up on time. Instead of going to a post office, all you need to do is to take your parcel to a parcel drop-off point (that can be a lot closer than you think).

Evri is one of the courier delivery services with such a convenient option as depositing and picking up parcels from the nearest Parcel Shop. Let's dive into the details and see how you can use this service.

What Is a Drop-Off Point?

A drop-off point is a place where you can bring your parcel at any time of the day, which a courier will then later pick up. The beauty of it is that you don't have to stay home waiting for a courier all day and can instead, drop it off at the nearest parcel shop whenever it is convenient to you.

Evri offers cheaper prices for delivering your parcel from or to one of its parcel shops. So, not only do you save your time but also money. Additionally, you can get even a better price using Packlink's shipping calculator. You can expect international rates that are 70% cheaper and national postage that is 50% cheaper than those offered by other courier companies in the UK.

Evri's drop-off service is convenient for individual packages and companies that want to ship numerous packages daily. Evri ParcelShops can be found all over the UK.

Where Are Evri Drop-off Points Located?

There are over 7,000 Evri ParcelShop spots all over the UK. An Evri ParcelShop can be either a standalone package collection point or located inside the store of a local business. As an alternative to a parcel shop, Evri has Lockers. A Locker is an automated parcel delivery or collection point that is available 24/7. Currently, there are over 3,000 of them all across the UK.

An Evri ParcelShop usually has extended working hours up until 10 PM, whilst a local business with an Evri service available will set their own hours. And if there is a Locker installed nearby, you can access it all day long.

Why Choose Evri Drop-off Points for Parcel Delivery?

Basically, Evri ParcelShop offers a lot of conveniences. Not only are they located near your home or your workplace, but they also have long working hours, unlike post offices. Both Locker and ParcelShop are open seven days a week so that you can always pop to your local store and drop off a parcel.

Another thing that many people will appreciate is that most parcel shops have a printing device that can be used for Evri labels. This means you don't have to look for a printing office anymore. It is enough to download an application and use the device to print your sticker.

How to Send a Package Using Evri ParcelShop?

The fastest way to book a package delivery is through the shipping calculator. Your first step is to type from and to where you need to send your package. Don't forget to type the exact street address and postcode in order to receive the most accurate price.

The next step is to measure your packaging size: weight, length, width, and height. The final price may vary if you send a smaller or bigger parcel.

After you click on "Ship Now", you will see a list of courier providers, one of which will be Evri. Choose the best time and delivery option. Every service selection has further details provided where you can check what is included in the service.

Click on "Book Now" and provide further details:

  • Contents of the parcel
  • Estimated value in pounds
  • Your contact info

You will notice there is an option for parcel insurance. This is a useful add-on if you want to protect your parcel.

Finally, you will need to provide some personal information about the sender and recipient:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Company (if applicable)
  • Contact details

And that's all! Your shipment is booked. All that is left to do is to find your nearest ParcelShop and bring your parcel to a drop-off point.

What Services Are Available With Evri?

Evri parcel delivery is a popular choice across the whole of the UK. The company offers many convenient services, including courier collection at the ParcelShop or a Locker and door-to-door delivery and collection. With Evri, you can book an international or domestic parcel delivery. Whatever it is you require -we have it!

Evri delivers both small and medium shipments and offers the following options:

Other than that, parcel shops can also accept returns and collections. The return label should be available upon receiving the order.

How Much Does It Cost to Send With Evri?

The cost to send with Evri will depend on various factors: destination, weight, and the size of your parcel. For domestic deliveries, the final price will range from £2.44 to £4.99 (+ VAT) up to 5 kg. As for international shipments, the price ranges from £7.88 to £10.24 up to 10 kg.

Another important factor that can influence a price is the service option. Faster (next-day) deliveries usually cost more in comparison to standard options that can take up to 2-3 days.

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