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Evri Express Delivery

Nobody likes to wait for their package for days on end. Sometimes, you can't even afford that luxury and need to send or receive important items or documents as soon as possible. If you're an e-commerce store owner, then you know that offering a next-day delivery service to your customers may increase sales and retention.

With so many express and next-day delivery services available at your fingertips nowadays, how can you find the best deal for yourself, quickly and efficiently? This is where Packlink comes in. We will do all of the comparing and contrasting for you so that you end up with a courier service that best suits your needs. One such service is Evri, and you can read all about it here.

What Are Evri Parcel Delivery Services?

Evri is a multinational parcel delivery company, headquartered in Leeds. For over five decades now, they have been one of the leading courier services in the United Kingdom, and that is not likely to change any time soon. They owe their success to many years of reliable domestic deliveries people that could count on to move their packages whenever they needed the service. Standard delivery, weekend delivery, deliveries on late afternoons -- Evri couriers work tirelessly to bring you the highest quality of service every day of the week (excluding bank holidays and Sundays, of course).

You can also make international deliveries using Evri. Their international service covers 190 countries worldwide, and the entire process takes three to five working days. All of Evri's packages are fully trackable, and as the sender, you get all of the tracking information once you post the parcel. You can then share the tracking number with the receiving person so that they can rest easy knowing where exactly their package is located throughout the delivery process.

How Does the Evri Next Day Delivery Service Work?

The Evri Next Day Delivery service is currently only available in the UK. In order to get your package delivered to its destination the very next day, you need to get it to a dedicated Evri ParcelShop location before noon. Otherwise, they might not be able to fulfil your order in time. There are over 6,000 Evri ParcelShops and lockers located all over the United Kingdom, so you shouldn't really have any trouble getting to a place where you can drop off your postable parcels, regardless of where in the UK you currently live.

Real-time Tracking

One great thing about Evri's next-day delivery services is the fact that you get plenty of extra features thrown in as part of your parcel delivery. First off, you get access to real-time delivery tracking, with regular updates of the expected delivery window. It may not seem like much, seeing as all the services in the courier industry have implemented some sort of a parcel tracking mechanism, but you've got to keep in mind that not all of them let you track your package for free!

Three Delivery Attempts

With Evri, you also get as many as three delivery attempts included in the price of your parcel. This means that if the package's recipient is not home during the first time the delivery was attempted, the courier will come back up again at a later time to try and complete the delivery. Once all three delivery attempts have been used up, you still retain an option to easily divert the items to a neighbour, an Evri ParcelShop locker, or another safe place of your choosing. This is an option that courier services all around the world charge a bonus fee for - but with Evri, you get it for free.

Photo Confirmation

Depending on what items you're shipping via Evri, you might get a little anxious about the status of your ordered delivery. The cost of Evri's next-day delivery service includes a delivery photo confirmation: the couriers are obliged to photograph your parcel on delivery to let you know that it has safely arrived at its destination.

£20 Parcel Cover

If your parcel gets damaged during the delivery process, Evri offers a free cover of up to £20. If you ship items that are worth more than that, you can purchase additional cover for a small fee. With that additional protection, you'll be covered for damages of items that are worth up to £999.

Keep in mind that Evri reserves the right not to cover certain items, referred to by them as "non-compensation items". These include television sets, monitors, furniture, glassware, and legal documents, among others. Don't confuse non-compensation items with prohibited items! You can still send your TV or passport via Evri, but if you want these items to be insured, you'll need to purchase cover for them from an external insurer. For example, Packlink's enhanced compensation cover costs 4% of the entire parcel's value, and we'll cover packages worth up to £5,000. You can find a list of our prohibited and non-compensation items here.

Evri Next Day Delivery Parcel Sizes

The price of your next day delivery service is dependent on your parcel size. You can find the price rundown below:

  • Under 1kg: £3.94
  • 1-2kg: £5.34
  • 2-5kg: £6.86
  • 5-10kg: £6.94
  • 10-15kg: £10.97

Keep in mind that weight is not the only metric Evri takes into account. If you're using an Evri locker to drop off your parcel, its dimensions cannot extend 66 x 41 x 38 centimetres. In case of a courier collection from your house or a ParcelShop, be particularly wary of your package's length: it cannot be more than 120cm.

Evri Delivery Times

Couriers collect packages from Evri ParcelShops within a single working day. They deliver parcels every day (excluding Sundays and bank holidays) between 8am and 8pm, regardless of the service type you've purchased. This is a breath of fresh air when compared to some other courier services that work from 9am to 5pm and charge extra for late afternoon and Saturday deliveries!

Remember that if you're shipping items internationally, the delivery times and working hours of Evri's couriers may vary depending on the destination country.

Save On Next Day Parcel Delivery with Packlink!

Evri is a great way of getting your items delivered to their recipients on the very next day, but it is far from the only option. Comparing and contrasting each and every courier service in search for the optimal one is a daunting task and can eat up hours of your time. Let us take care of these back-office unpleasantries for you! Thanks to years of experience and the countless connections we've made in the shipping industry, we are able to get preferential rates for our clients. Regardless of what it is that you're shipping, you're bound to get the best courier deal when working with Packlink!

E-commerce store owners and businesses can gain even more if they sign up for Packlink PRO. It is the ultimate tool for all of your back-office needs. We'll help you find the optimal shipping option for each one of the dozens of packages you send out every day in a quick and convenient manner.

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