What is Shopware, characteristics and features.
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On the market today, there is a wide range of choices available for anyone looking to create a professional e-commerce site, with some of the most well-known being PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. Shopware is an innovative solution through which to create online shops, with an ever-increasing user base thanks to the many advantages it offers and its dedication to innovation and adaptability to meet the current needs of digital business.

Although Shopware may be a somewhat lesser-known solution, more and more big names are opting for this platform to create virtual shops – such as Aston Martin, Philips, or M&M, among others.

What is Shopware?

Shopware is a platform for the creation of modern and innovative online shops, characterised by its ease of use and focus on customers’ emotions throughout the purchase process.

With Shopware, you’ll find the perfect tool to create unique and exceptional user experiences, thanks to the flexible and easy-to-use environment, with no need for any advanced understanding of web design and development.

What are the key characteristics of Shopware?

The main features of Shopware are:


Shopware is a flexible platform through which you can develop e-commerce sites of any size, for any sector. This tool can cover everything from clothing and accessories shops to a small virtual business – or even a huge online platform for the sale of electronic products, for example.

Shopware has been designed with the current needs of electronic commerce in mind, where flexibility and the ability to adapt is fundamental to respond to such a volatile and evolving market.

User experience

Shopware puts the focus on the customer, always prioritising user experience to achieve greater visibility for the e-commerce sites developed with this tool.

Today, user experience is essential to ensure better positioning on Google and increase users’ time on page (significantly increasing the chance that they will make a purchase).


Shopware understands that an online shop will evolve over time and need to extend its features, capacities, and options. As such, it is a scalable solution, capable of adapting to the needs of an e-commerce business at any time.

The platform is based on modern technology, allowing it to avoid the common technical errors suffered by other online-shop creation platforms, guaranteeing that your e-commerce site will function optimally and be capable of adapting to trends within the sector.

Search-engine optimisation

With Shopware, it’s very easy to integrate quality content with e-commerce options, as the platform prioritises search-engine optimisation to guarantee a greater degree of visibility for your shop.

This tool includes integrated SEO features to attract web traffic naturally and organically to your e-commerce site.

Integration with all sales channels

A modern and innovative solution such as Shopware facilitates an e-commerce site’s integration with other sales channels, such as a traditional shop, email marketing or sales via social media, for example.

Shopware is a full and comprehensive solution allowing you to take your online shop to the next level, with a global overview of sales, placing the customer at the heart of the business and interacting with them through all the main communication channels.


The self-managing mode on this virtual-shop creation platform automates many of the common tasks to be carried out on an e-commerce site, making the work required to manage and maintain your business much easier.

Shop administrators and managers will therefore have much more free time to dedicate to other important tasks that generate greater added value for the site’s users and customers.

Different business models

With a Shopware e-commerce site you can create online shops for different business models quickly and easily – such as B2B (business to business), B2C (business to client) or D2C (direct to consumer) businesses.

Cloud software

Working in the cloud offers a host of benefits for an online shop, with a high degree of security and availability, as well as the ability to manage your shop no matter where you are, without being restricted to any specific working hours.

Open-code solution

This is an open-source tool that allows you to create a professional online shop with ease, even in its free version.

To create advanced e-commerce sites for which you expect to achieve a high volume of web traffic, the paid Shopware option offers more features and possibilities when it comes to developing and managing your online shop.

With Shopware, you can launch your online business project without having to invest money in a licence for any creation and development tools, lowering costs and reducing the initial investment required.

Ease of use

One of this platform’s most important features is its ease of use. The control panel is simple and intuitive, allowing you to master all its features in no time at all, thanks to the clarity of its menus and excellent organisation of the various features on offer.

The platform allows sellers to define and optimise purchasing flows through the selection of various configurations, without the need to write a single line of code.

You won’t need any knowledge of web design or development to create your own online shop with Shopware, nor do you need to be an expert in programming languages like JavaScript or PHP. Its ease of use means that any user can create a professional e-commerce site, investing very little time and effort in the process.

What features does Shopware include?

Some of the many great features offered by the e-commerce platform include:

  1. Customer Streams. This allows you to create customised lists of the products on sale according to each customers’ profile. This function makes it easier to manage automated recommendations for each customer, adapting to their interests and tastes.
  2. Drag & Drop. Editing pages, headings and content from back office can be done through the drag and drop method, making it much easier for any user to design their own personalised online shop. With this feature, you can easily create all the usual e-commerce pages, as well as customised landing pages focused on boosting sales.
  3. Product Streams. With a series of conditions that can be established for products, and which appear in strategic areas of the online shop to increase sales. This uses a system of dynamic filters in which, when you add a certain item, will appear automatically in certain key areas of the e-commerce site.
  4. Multilingual. This allows you to include various languages options for users to choose from, as well as the currency shown for all products on your online shop. This feature allows you to enter new markets with a page adapted to the language and currency of each country.

Shopware is an integrated tool for marketing and creating online shops. With a unique focus which differs from other solutions like Shopify or PrestaShop, many companies are beginning to see Shopware as the perfect tool with which to create their e-commerce platforms.

Every aspect of this platform has been carefully designed to allow sellers to offer their buyers the best user experience, along with a great deal of usability.