How to find the best-selling products on AliExpress
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AliExpress is the world’s largest marketplace, together with Amazon, although it specialises in very low-priced products. A huge quantity of products is available for sale on this online market, uploaded to the platform by thousands of sellers who have chosen to adopt this business model. Such is the quantity of items available on AliExpress that often it can be different to navigate or even to find items without using the platform’s search engine.

The best-selling products on AliExpress are indicative of users’ purchasing intentions and may serve as a reference to use in your own e-commerce shop or business projects under the drop-shipping model.

How to find the best-selling products on AliExpress

To find the best-selling items on AliExpress, all you need to do is head to the marketplace’s mobile app or web platform and select the ‘Top Ranking’ option to discover which products are trending and enjoying exceptionally high sales rates.

You can access this Top Rankings page by clicking the link found on the AliExpress homepage. This page shows the best-selling products by category, allowing you to browse through these (consumer electronics, home & garden, women’s fashion, shoes & bags, auto & motorcycle, sport & outdoors, accessories and much more).

Within each category, you can also find information about the most popular and best-selling products from each subcategory. This level of precision allows users to discover what sells best for each type of product, offering a very interesting source of information given the huge volume of users who shop on AliExpress.

In the first page, you’ll find a selection of the most searched for items on AliExpress, helping you to stay current with the latest trends and up to date with everything happening on the online market.

Example search for best sellers on AliExpress

If you want to search for the best-selling battery-powered shavers on AliExpress, you’ll need to head the Top Ranking section and choose Home & Garden. Then, take a look in the electric shavers section and select the list of best-selling models for the last month.

It’s worth noting that, among the information AliExpress provides about best-selling products, you can see the total number of orders placed in the last month for each category, which even allows you to compare between product categories to identity more precisely which of these will generate more sales.

Difference between most popular and best sellers

AliExpress offers information about top-ranking products on its platform in two different ways: most popular and best sellers.

  • Most popular. The items shown in this AliExpress category ranking show the products that generate the most searches on the platform. The platform shows the number of monthly subscribers for each category.
  • Best sellers. This product ranking corresponds to the best-selling items for the last month. Often, if a product is very popular and frequently searched for, it will be one of the platform’s best sellers – although this is not always true.

Why study top sellers on AliExpress?

Regularly studying products on AliExpress is a good strategy to obtain valuable information about the market and user behaviours. The main advantages of knowing what sells best on a massive online marketplace like AliExpress are:

Getting to know market trends

AliExpress is a global platform visited by millions of users across the world to make online purchases of all kinds of products. Carrying out a market study on AliExpress itself allows you to extract data and come to realistic and highly valuable conclusions about the online market and current trends.

If, in summer, we see that the best-selling technology products on AliExpress are related to refrigeration, you can therefore opt to sell these types of products throughout the season, preparing strategies and techniques to maximise sales.

Given the degree of precision on offer for best-selling products on AliExpress, this is also a great tool for detecting small niches just beginning to become popular, and for which there is little competition, making it easier to start selling successfully.

Opening a shop on AliExpress Plaza

Before you get started opening a shop on AliExpress to sell on the platform, it can be worth your while to carry out a good market study based on the information offered by AliExpress itself regarding its most popular products.

This study will allow you to identify the best products to add to your AliExpress shop, whether because of their level of popularity, low competition or high sales volume, etc.

Implementing a dropshipping business model

Dropshipping is a very interesting business model that requires no initial investment, and no need to worry about logistics or transport. AliExpress is a platform that perfectly suits this business model.

Discovering which products are top sellers on AliExpress makes it easier to choose products – and even suppliers – within a dropshipping model.

One of the keys to success for any dropshipping model is choosing the right products. AliExpress top sellers is a fantastic source of information that helps sellers identify the most profitable products.

Selecting the best products for your e-commerce business

If you have an online shop, researching on AliExpress will allow you to identify which products are in high demand with users. This information makes it easier to add new items to your e-commerce business which are currently trending, in high demand, or have become temporarily popular.

By adding items highly sought-after on AliExpress to your virtual store, you’ll increase sales by offering products which are in high demand and enjoying a high volume of sales on AliExpress.

If an e-commerce site needs to update its product lines to add items that best appeal to its customers, a study of the most sought-after products on a platform like AliExpress will offer relevant information about users’ purchasing intentions and current market trends.

Comparison with other platforms

If you want to boost the quality and precision of the study carried out on best-selling AliExpress products, you might want to make a comparison with other popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

With this information, you’ll gain more in-depth knowledge of the current market situation and users’ search intentions on these online sales platforms.

AliExpress is an ideal marketplace for buying all sorts of products at low prices, or to sell products and make money online. Beyond these two basic platform features, you’ll also find a huge source of data with millions of daily transactions between users from all over the world.

On AliExpress, you can access truly valuable information that can be used to make better decisions for your online business and boost your profits. A study of the best-selling products on AliExpress can help you stay up to date with market trends, identify worthwhile products for launching your own e-commerce business, or even detect niches with high demand that are not yet being sufficiently exploited, with room for new players.