How to increase my sales on eBay with SEO actions
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eBay is one of the oldest marketplaces in the world and one of those with the greatest number of daily purchases. This platform has been able to adapt itself over time to market needs and, today, it continues to enjoy a privileged position on the market.

The great quantity of users who sell their products on eBay means that competition on this platform is very high, particularly for a large number of sought-after or very popular items. Standing out from the crowd is not easy, and you will need to implement certain practices in order to appear in the top positions of the platform’s search results.

eBay SEO requires optimising your seller profile and item pages on the platform to allow users to find them more easily, as well as to have eBay itself suggest them on featured spots across the website.

What is SEO on eBay?

SEO consists in optimising a website to meet Google’s positioning criteria and therefore achieve a higher ranking on SERPs (results pages). Extrapolating this concept to eBay, eBay SEO consists in applying a range of practices and techniques to optimise product pages and the eBay seller’s profile, in order to appear in the top positions of results pages for searches made by users on the platform.

eBay has over 165 million users across the world, making it an enormous market in which to attract users who are truly interested in purchasing new or second-hand products. This great quantity of potential buyers also implies the existence of a huge range of sellers offering all sorts of products on the marketplace.

Competition on eBay can be harder than on the traditional market, which is why it is important to apply SEO techniques to gain visibility on the platform and thereby significantly increase your chances of making sales.

Which positioning factors are important on eBay?

On Google, we know that the most important factors today are user experience and adaptability to mobile devices, together with a range of other criteria that can also influence web positioning.

On eBay, there are also a series of relevant aspects that must be optimised in order to achieve top rankings on results pages. Some of the most important criteria to bear in mind are:

  • Keywords. Keywords are highly important, as they offer the eBay algorithm a great deal of information about the item for sale, facilitating its indexing.
  • Buyers reactions. These are the positive reactions received through the platform – in other words, the ratings and feedback left by users who have purchased a product from the seller.
  • User information. This is similar to user experience and involves offering all the information users require to make their decision to buy (without the need to leave eBay and look for additional information, for example).
  • Price setting. Prices should be competitive: in other words, they must fall within reasonable retail values (including shipment costs). If a product is too expensive, or if the sale price is excessively low in comparison to other similar items, it may lose visibility on the platform.

How to increase my sales on eBay

Positioning an advert on eBay must be a priority for any seller on this marketplace. By applying a range of SEO strategies, you will be able to attract more users to your product pages and, as a result, see your sales rate increase significantly.

Read on to discover a series of tips and recommendations to optimise your eBay shop and achieve greater visibility on the platform.

1. Select the best keywords

Carrying out a good keyword study is vital in order to optimise both the title and description of items and make it easier for the platform to display them in users’ searches.

You can use the same tools as you would for traditional SEO to choose your eBay SEO keywords, such as Google Trends and Keyword Planner, among others.

It is important to include keywords in both the title and description of items in order to offer valuable information to users and have eBay promote these products and raise their visibility within the platform.

2. The title is of the utmost importance

A product’s title is one of the key aspects to consider when it comes to optimising an item on eBay for its search-engine results pages. Given the high character limit, it is vital that you take advantage of this characteristic by forming an informative and attractive title, which includes keywords.

It is important to remember that a product’s title is the first thing users will see, alongside its main image, making it essential that you optimise this and ensure that is it appealing enough to attract attention, encouraging users to click on your page before any other result.

3. Offer accurate and important information

In the product description, you will need to include as much valuable information about the item as possible, highlighting its strengths or key characteristics. It is crucial that you offer accurate and transparent information, presented so as to allow users to understand very quickly.

A product sheet with little descriptive information, poor presentation or copywriting, and confusing or unreliable information will end up disappearing from the eBay search-engine results pages.

4. Variety and quality of product images and photographs

In a marketplace, the visual is one of the most important aspects. To promote an advert on eBay, you must include high-quality images that allow users to take in every last detail of the item. For this reason, in addition to the quality of images, it is also important that you add a wide variety, in order to offer an accurate perception of what the product is like from various angles and distances.

5. Study other sellers

In a marketplace like eBay, you will be competing against other sellers offering similar products, or even the same item. Studying their prices, strategies, how they present information, their images, and any other relevant aspect will help you to implement the best eBay positioning strategies and thereby achieve maximum visibility on the platform.

6. Encourage ratings and positive feedback

A key aspect of positioning on eBay is the positive feedback received from buyers. With good customer service and appropriate, polite and immediate responses to any comments or suggestions, you can achieve better ratings and encourage eBay to recommend your products, as they will be considered to be good for users.

7. Correctly assign the product category

It is important to remember that, when it comes to adding a product on eBay, selecting the wrong category will likely result in very poor visibility. If a product does not fit the assigned category, the platform will not offer it visibility and users – if they see the product at all – are unlikely to visit, as the advert will not be of interest to them.

eBay adverts are a great way to sell online within a global market made up of millions of users looking to buy. The high level of competition on this marketplace makes it essential that you use __eBay SEO techniques __to achieve good visibility on the platform and therefore increase your sales.

Though these techniques are similar to SEO for websites, eBay SEO has a series of basic criteria that must be kept in mind, such as optimising titles and descriptions, using quality images and selecting the right keywords.