How to integrate PrestaShop with the main Marketplaces
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Marketplaces are large online markets where you can find thousands of products offered by different sellers. Thanks to these platforms, a user can purchase and sell products in an environment that has been specially created to facilitate internet transactions.

The top three marketplaces worldwide are AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon, where millions of people purchase and sell daily. One of the interesting features of these online sales portals is the possibility of integrating them with an e-commerce site to be able to sell products and receive a commission in return. In this way, you leave all the logistics responsibility in the hands of the marketplace itself (collection, preparation of the product, shipment, and return and after-sales service).

If you use PrestaShop to develop and manage an online, store, it is easy to integrate the main marketplaces by using modules for AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon.

What are PrestaShop modules?

PrestaShop is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to creating and managing an online store. The possibility to customise the store and add multiple tools and functions is one of its great advantages that PrestaShop has -- and it achieves this through modules.

PrestaShop modules are addons that are added to the tool in order to get new features on the online store. These modules are the equivalent to the famous WordPress plugin, being installed and activated easily from inside the platform itself, adding options to configure and use them in the PrestaShop administration panel.

Why use a PrestaShop module to integrate a marketplace?

Selling on a marketplace offers the possibility to reach many users, in addition to making users of your online store trust you more. Implementing a PrestaShop module to provide integration with AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay offers many benefits, among which we can highlight:

  • Access to millions of customers with a clear intent to purchase.
  • Automation of many of the basic tasks of an online store between both platforms.
  • Generate a greater sense of trust in existing and potential customers by working with platforms of great prestige and international fame.
  • Outsource the logistics and transport side of the business, leaving these aspects in the hands of world-class companies.
  • Get many more sales by being able to sell easily anywhere in the world, something that requires greater effort and cost with a traditional e-commerce site on which you have to assume stock management, shipment preparation, and after-sales service.

How to Integrate PrestaShop with the Main Marketplaces

Let's see how to use PrestaShop with eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress by using special modules that integrate those marketplaces with the platform.

1. Amazon Module for PrestaShop

Selling Amazon products is a great alternative as this platform has great prestige and consumer trust. Users of your online store will feel safe when making their purchases if the products are managed by Amazon, knowing that the company behind the process is one of the most important and secure companies of the world.

With a free Amazon module for PrestaShop, you can integrate products with an e-commerce site quickly and easily to get an online business that is backed by a great degree of user trust. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a professional module to get the most out of Amazon, it is necessary to a paid option such as Amazon Marketplace.

The main functions that are obtained by using this module to integrate Amazon with an online store created in PrestaShop are:

Integration Between both Platforms

This module will integrate the orders received in Amazon itself with those placed through the e-commerce site. In this way, it is much easier to manage all sales as the information is concentrated in one single place; that is, you can manage all orders from the PrestaShop administration panel, regardless of whether they were generated by Amazon or by the online store itself.

Thanks to this module, integration of the Amazon tracking number for each order will be automated, avoiding your having to enter into your Amazon account to obtain said number for each of the sales made.

Product Catalogue Management

Another of the great advantages of this Amazon integration module is that many of the options related with the products for sale are managed automatically.

  • Modifying the price of a product on Amazon will make the change in the store happen automatically.
  • When you create a product on the e-commerce site, it will be exported automatically to Amazon, saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Modifications to product sheets (such as the title, images, and the description) are also made on Amazon automatically.

Use Amazon FBA

This Amazon service allows you to outsource the logistics of your business, with Amazon taking care of storing the product, preparing shipments, and carrying out the transport and delivery of the item.

Thanks to this module, you can manage the Amazon FBA service from an e-commerce site created by PrestaShop.

2. AliExpress Module for PrestaShop

This Chinese marketplace is one of the most interesting to integrate with a PrestaShop site, as you only have to pay when you sell something and the marketplace has slightly higher margins than its main competitors.

To integrate AliExpress with a PrestaShop e-commerce site, it is best to use the official Aliexpress module for integration.

The strengths of this addon are:

Cross-Platform Synchronization

Thanks to this addon, you’ll be able to synchronize the products and categories of the online store with those of AliExpress, avoiding having to add all the products one by one. Thanks to the different options that this module offers, you can:

  • Automatically update any changes in prices, features, images, shipment conditions for the products, doing so flawlessly between both platforms.
  • Manage AliExpress orders from within PrestaShop.

It is a Free Module

Using this addon in a PrestaShop store does not have any cost, as it is possible to download, install, activate, and use the module for free.

3. eBay Module for PrestaShop

eBay is perhaps the oldest marketplace around, being one of the most important worldwide. Its special characteristics allow you to offer products in two different ways: under the bidding or auction system and through direct purchases like on a traditional e-commerce site.

Integrating eBay with a PrestaShop store is a great alternative to help you create a successful online business, and doing that is possible thanks to specific modules such as Knowband's Prestashop eBay Integration.

The main features offered by this add-on are:

  • Add eBay products to the store in bulk to save a lot of time.
  • Manage all orders from the PrestaShop backend.
  • Synchronization of changes automatically between both platforms. For example, if a price is modified, it is automatically changed on both sites.
  • Management of shipments.
  • Synchronize the eBay products with the PrestaShop store, as well as the different categories.

Integrating an online store created by using the PrestaShop platform with the main marketplaces such as __AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon is very simple thanks to the use of specialised modules. These addons automate many of the tasks that are undertaken in online commerce between both platforms, such as changing prices, changing descriptions, etc. They also automate the process of adding a product, saving you time, effort, and money.