How to use Pinterest for business.
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Many companies do not give Pinterest the importance that it has as a social network to reach a greater number of customers as well as potential customers. However, in this visual social network you can establish digital marketing strategies to attract a large amount of web traffic made up of users really interested in the products and services that your company offers.

With Pinterest Business it is easier to use this social network for commercial purposes, with the aim of attracting users who end up purchasing products and services in the business's online store.

What is Pinterest Business

Pinterest Business is a special account on the social network intended for companies to expand their business using special options and tools such as advertisements or access to data analytics.

Pinterest is a visual social network where images, videos and infographics are shared to inspire other users with visual ideas, or to offer information on a topic through tutorials or guides.

How to use Pinterest Business step by step

With a Pinterest Business account, it is easier to reach the users of this social network with products, services and other information of interest that can attract their attention to the business.

To use Pinterest and reap the greatest benefits for your company, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Creating a Pinterest Business account

First, you need to have a Pinterest Business account, so you need to go to the following page:

When accessing this website, the process of creating a business account on Pinterest will begin by entering the necessary data such as email, username, and password, among others.

  1. Optimize the company profile

Once the Pinterest Business account is available, it is necessary to optimize the user profile to project a good image and attract more followers.

The business profile should include an attractive profile image and its description to ensure Pinterest users to know relevant information about the business.

  1. Creating a publishing system

You need to have a good understanding of how the Pinterest board and pin system work to establish a good posting system that will maximize your business reach. The company profile on Pinterest must have a series of boards (which are like categories or topics) that must include pins associated with their theme (which are images, videos, infographics, etc.).

  1. Tracking the results

On Pinterest Business accounts there is access to more statistical information about pins and boards. Checking and monitoring these results builds an understanding on the degree of success of the publications and strategies that are being followed, and to make corrections if they are not meeting objectives, and to obtain valuable information that can be applied in upcoming publications.

Tips for getting the most out of Pinterest Business

Next, we offer you some Pinterest Business tips so that you can obtain better results through your strategies using this social network as a communication channel with clients or users:

Spend time on your profile

Taking care of the Pinterest Business profile is the best way to offer a good image to the users of the social network, and a way to increase the recommendations made by the social network itself.

Some tips to optimize your Pinterest Business profile:

  • Choose a quality photo that is attractive to users.
  • Take advantage of the description to communicate the most important things about the business, although you should do it in a striking tone that generates interest (so that users will want to know more).
  • Use the appropriate keywords in your profile to make it easier for your pins and boards to be shown when users use them in their searches on the platform.

Organize your pins and boards well

It is essential that you carry out a good organization of your boards and that you distribute the pins in them properly.

A well-organized Pinterest profile offers a better user experience and makes it easier for visitors to navigate through the various boards and access your pins much faster and smoothly.

The Pinterest boards were conceived as the categories where the content is saved, which in this case are the pins - which can be images, photographs, infographics, or even videos.

Get the most out of links

Each pin that is added to a board has a field to add a link. This is a very important element of Pinterest to direct the network's followers and users towards conversion pages or product sheets of an e-commerce.

It is important to use this link to redirect users to conversion pages, or where other content that is relevant to them is displayed.

Use keywords on Pinterest

When we talk about keywords, we associate it with SEO positioning in Google. On Pinterest, keywords are also relevant, so it is necessary to use them appropriately in the titles of pins and boards, as well as in the description of the account profile and in the description of the different pins that are uploaded.

With a good selection of keywords and their use in the pins and boards, it will be possible to reach a greater number of users within this social network.

Upload images optimized for mobile

Today, most users use their smartphones to use their social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. The same happens with Pinterest so it is beneficial to upload images and videos that look better on these devices.

The best thing is to invest in vertical images as well as videos recorded in vertical format that can be best appreciated on the screens of mobile phones.

Establish a posting schedule

Not only is it necessary to publish quality content on Pinterest, but a good level of posting volume must be maintained to achieve greater visibility.

The best option is that you establish an editorial calendar where you determine what days and at what times (the publication time greatly impacts the reach of a pin) you will upload new pins.

Interact with users

Like any social network, on Pinterest users can leave their comments and ratings on the pins. Monitoring all the comments generated by a pin allows you to respond immediately to establish a closer and stronger relationship with the followers.

Integrate Pinterest with other social networks

One of the great advantages of social networks is the ability to share content between them. For example, if you have a Facebook account with many followers, it is beneficial that you share the pins that you upload to Pinterest to achieve maximum reach with each publication.

On Pinterest, a good marketing strategy will allow you to obtain high quality contacts that require less time and effort to convert them into real clients of the company.

With a Pinterest Business profile, it is easier to promote and optimize the use of this social network at the business level. It is a type of free account that any business can use to implement their digital marketing actions and strategies on Pinterest.