Explore Woo, the #1 ecommerce platform with over 3.6 million shops worldwide.
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Discover Woo: your ultimate Ecommerce platform

About Woo

Woo is the leading ecommerce platform, powering more than 3.6 million online shops. Woo empowers anyone, anywhere, to sell anything with unlimited extensibility and flexibility. Get everything you need to launch an online store in days and keep it growing for years. From your first sale to millions in revenue, Woo is with you.

Woo's code is open source, built on WordPress, and powered by a global community of thousands of developers, designers, agencies, builders, and technology partners.

Facts and Figures

  • Over 3.6 million Woo-powered shops online.
  • The #1 ecommerce platform of the Internet's top 1 million shops.
  • 9.1% of the entire Internet uses WooCommerce.
  • 226 certified WooExpert agencies ready to help build and launch your online business.
  • 7,000+ freelance developers, creatives, and builders supporting Woo merchants worldwide.
  • 934 Woo Marketplace products, and growing daily.
  • 441 Woo employees around the world.
  • 350+ core code contributors from around the world.
  • Powered by WordPress, the open-source publishing platform is powering over 43.1% of the internet.

Why do merchants love Woo?

Unlimited capability

Woo developers can build 100% custom products as needed. In the Woo Marketplace, you’ll find hundreds of extensions and themes that personalize and extend the capabilities of Woo stores.

Open source roots

As a freely downloadable plugin for WordPress, Woo has always been a part of the open-source community. Democratizing commerce is at our core.

A global, creative community

Woo has a worldwide community of developers, builders, and creatives ready to help anyone build an online business that scales.

Ownership over leasing

Woo users build and own their shop, end to end, with a 100% open-source platform, unlimited hosting options, and total control over their shopping experience.

Who is Woo?

Woo is the company behind the WooCommerce platform, plus dozens of other ecommerce extensions like WooPayments, Woo Subscriptions, and more.

Woo is a fully distributed company with employees all over the world, dedicated to empowering success for merchants, developers, and anyone else making a living through ecommerce.