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InPost parcel lockers are one of the most popular ways to send or collect a package nowadays. Actually, many people in the UK consider it the most convenient delivery option out there, preferring it over traditional couriers (like DPD or UPS) or the post office. If you still haven't tried this 24/7 service and you don't know how to drop off or collect parcels from the InPost lockers, we got you covered. Keep on reading to learn how the InPost service works!

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How to Collect Parcels from the InPost Lockers

When you get your parcel delivered to one of the InPost lockers, follow this step-by-step collection guide:

  1. Once you get a notification about your parcel delivery (by a text message, email, or in a dedicated app), go to the locker you have chosen while placing an order - it works a bit like a drop-off point where couriers leave the items ready to be picked up.
  2. When you're already on the spot, grab your smartphone and open the parcel locker in one of three ways. First, you can control it remotely, not having to touch the interface (this method has become particularly popular at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic). Just go to the app and tap the "Open a locker" button. Second, you can approach the parcel locker interface and scan the QR code you got in your text message, email, or app. Third, the least popular option nowadays is to collect your parcel by entering your phone number and the pick-up code manually on the touchscreen of the locker.
  3. No matter which method you have chosen, you'll eventually see one of the InPost lockers opening, allowing you to take your parcel out. Don't forget to close the door!

How to Send Parcels with the InPost Lockers

Sending a parcel with an InPost locker is as easy as the collection. There are two ways to do so:

Method 1: Sending a Parcel via the InPost App

  1. Open the InPost app and tap the arrow icon in the middle to open the sending menu. Provide all the information on the recipient and sender, essential for the delivery.
  2. When you fill everything out, you will be redirected to the payment menu. Choose your preferred payment method and cover the parcel delivery cost to receive a QR code and a 9-digit shipping code.
  3. Pick the most convenient location of a parcel locker. When you're already there, scan the QR code from the app and pick "I have a shipping code or return code" on the touchscreen, and place your parcel in a particular locker.

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Method 2: Sending a Parcel and Paying via the InPost Website

  1. Go to the InPost website, complete the shipping form and make your payment. You will get a shipping receipt to put on your parcel.
  2. Print the receipt and stick it to your parcel.
  3. Go to the nearest parcel locker and drop off the package by selecting proper options on the touchscreen, scanning the shipping label, and placing the parcel inside the locker.

NOTE: Before choosing the InPost locker delivery services, please make sure that the parcel you need to send doesn't contain anything from the list of prohibited items.

How to Return Parcels with the InPost Lockers

Dropping parcels to the InPost lockers is also a great way for returning your purchases to retailers. Again, there are two ways to take care of it:

Method 1: Returning a Parcel via the InPost App

  1. Open the InPost app and go to the "Search for a store" section, where you can look for the store you want to return a parcel to.
  2. Fill out the return form and tap the "return the package" button. Some stores need to accept a return first, but if that's not the case, you can just grab the return code and choose the most convenient locker for dropping the package.
  3. Being already there, scan the QR code you got in the app and on your email, and place the parcel in a locker.

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Method 2: Returning a Parcel via the InPost Website

  1. After opening the InPost website's return parcels page, find the store you purchased the product from.
  2. Fill out the return form, and wait for confirmation from the store if necessary, or proceed to choose the parcel locker if not.
  3. Being already at the locker, scan the QR code and drop off your parcel.

As you can see, the InPost delivery services are amazingly easy - you just need to use the app or the website and drop off or collect your item. It offers more options than traditional couriers or the post office in the UK and allows you to take care of your parcel whenever you like.

It can be a great solution for your business - online shops selling various products now usually allow their customers to use the InPost service, provided that what they offer is not on the list of prohibited items.

To check if this service will be the most beneficial for you, you can easily compare it with other shipping options available in the UK with our easy tool.