How to implement SEO on Amazon
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Selling on Amazon is an increasingly popular business model. The world’s largest marketplace is the perfect place to offer products to an enormous volume of users from across the globe, all visiting with the intention to buy.

To make your products stand out among a huge range of goods for sale, SEO on Amazon has been developed as a similar tool to the kind of SEO techniques used to help a website stand out on Google and other search engines.

By applying SEO techniques on Amazon, you can boost the position of your products on the platform when a user makes a search with certain words, increasing the product’s visibility and the likelihood of users opting to make a purchase.

What is Amazon SEO?

SEO encompasses a series of techniques intended to optimise a website and make search engines like Google position it better on their results pages. SEO works similarly on Amazon, as it consists of applying various actions to the products uploaded to the platform in order to encourage Amazon to position them as top results when users make a search.

What is the A9 Amazon algorithm?

The Amazon algorithm is known as A9 and is responsible for assessing the products uploaded to the platform and assigning their position in rankings. It works similarly to SEO for Google, though you’ll need to bear in mind another relevant factor: sales.

Products that generate more sales are favoured by Amazon in its web positioning, occupying better rankings than those that do not result in conversions. The logical explanation for the importance of sales in Amazon positioning is that this is, first and foremost, a business and that it is in Amazon’s interest that the products appearing first are those that generate the most sales and, as such, increase its income and earnings.

The main SEO techniques for Google will not make much sense on Amazon, where the aim is generating sales (loading speed or linking are not key factors for positioning on Amazon, for example).

The main factors considered by the Amazon A9 algorithm are:

  • Transactions or sales.
  • Historical factor.
  • Use of the products.
  • More emphasis on title and description.
  • Customer ratings and comments.

Why is positioning important on Amazon?

Positioning on Amazon is vital for increasing product visibility on the platform. There’s no point uploading items for sale on Amazon if no one can access them, as you won’t make any sales.

By using SEO techniques on Amazon, you’ll be able to boost the positioning of your products in user searches, increasing their visibility and conversion possibilities.

How to position yourself on Amazon

When it comes to improving the positioning of your products on Amazon, it’s important to pay special attention to the following aspects:

Product title

A title is one of the key factors for Amazon positioning. The most common choice is to follow a set structure that users recognise and are accustomed to finding in Amazon search results. This title structure is composed of the product name, followed by the brand and model.

After this basic product-title structure, you can continue to add attributes or interesting and attractive product characteristics, such as colour, features and other relevant aspects.

Amazon allows 200 characters for the title, which is plenty space to be creative and make the most of this element in order to achieve better positioning for your products.

Product description

The product description is where you can fill out all the necessary information about the item in order to inform and win over Amazon users. In this section, you can use sales and copywriting techniques to maximise sales. We recommend making a good description that offers information about the value and benefits of purchasing the product.

You’ll need to be realistic in the description and not embellish or inflate the characteristics or features of the products, as, in the long term, this can be harmful to your positioning if you receive negative comments and poor ratings from unsatisfied customers.


These keywords are entered when you upload an item to Amazon and are not visible to users. Their function is to allow the Amazon algorithm to understand the product intended to be sold.

This section is essential for web positioning, as the meta-keywords entered are directly communicated to Amazon A9. You’ll have 1,000 characters here to enter your keywords, which is why it’s important to carry out a good Amazon search-term study in order to add those capable of better positioning the item on the platform.

Just like Google SEO, figuring out the intention of the user’s search is the best way to optimise the selection of keywords.


Amazon is a gigantic marketplace on which, just like any other online business, photos and images are one of the most important elements for presenting products to users.

To obtain better sales results and greater visibility on the platform, it’s important to pay special attention to the photos uploaded to your items. These should be high-quality images that show the products from all angles, so that users can more accurately assess what the product they are about to buy looks like.

Bullet points

Bullet points are a series of characteristics about the product, used to emphasise the reasons why customers should make a purchase. These are found below the title on the product page, in list format, and should not simply copy the characteristics or features included in the title.

It is possible to add different bullet points to each item, although ideally you should include a minimum of five – all explaining the product’s benefits or strengths.

Reviews and ratings

When a customer makes a purchase on Amazon, they have the option to rate the seller and leave a comment or review. If a product receives many positive reviews, Amazon will start to show it in better positions in users searches.

Achieving positive ratings or reviews cannot be directly controlled like other Amazon SEO factors. In this case, you’ll need to influence users in order to encourage positive comments and ratings, by offering a good support system and fluid communication in response to users’ questions and by providing a product that meets all the characteristics and benefits advertised during its sale through the product sheet.

Positive comments are not just important for positioning on Amazon. It’s important to remember that the majority of users will check the comments left by other users before making their final decision to buy an item, and as such any negative comments or poor ratings may result in lost sales.

Selling on Amazon is a great business opportunity, as it offers access to millions of customers from across the world, willing to buy products on this platform. Standing out among the enormous competition on Amazon is possible thanks to various SEO techniques intended to optimise the product sheet and encourage the Amazon algorithm to position items with greater visibility.