How does the eBay shipment manager work?
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eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. On this platform, millions of users buy and sell all kinds of products every day – making it one of the leading portals for both new and second-hand items.

Users who sell on eBay may struggle when it comes to calculating the costs of shipping their products to buyers, as this is a global platform on which users can sell across the world. The eBay shipment manager is a fantastic tool that allows users to precisely calculate shipping costs, while enjoying access to other advantages.

What is the eBay shipment manager?

The eBay shipment manager is a tool that allows sellers to accurately calculate shipping costs by entering the size and weight of the package, together with the delivery address.

This platform, offered by eBay its users, comes with a host of extra advantages, such as access to the best shipping and transport prices (with exclusive rates for eBay sellers), access to the eBay shipment-tracking system and shipping insurance with coverage of up to €75 at no extra cost.

All orders made through the shipment manager use an eBay shipment label with a unique number which serves to identify the package and allows users to access tracking, which may then be shared with the end customer.

How does the eBay shipment manager work?

To use the eBay shipment manager, you’ll need to head to the Shipment Manager option on the platform, after logging into your eBay account.

From this tool, you can import received orders and indicate the size and weight of the package in order to see the different rates offered by carriers to the delivery address indicated by the buyer (this address is automatically imported along with the information for each order).

After choosing the option that best suits your needs, all you need to do is print the label and choose if you want the package to be collected, or if you’d rather drop it off directly at a post office. Finally, you’ll be able to pay for the shipment using a credit/debit card or PayPal account.

As such, you can manage all your eBay shipments quickly and easily – 100% hassle free. The platform also allows users to automate the entire process, reducing the time required to ship packages after the order’s creation.

The advantages of using the eBay shipment manager

Using the eBay shipment manager offers a range of benefits to sellers on the platform. Some of the most noteworthy include:

Easier shipment control and management

The eBay shipment manager offers centralised shipment administration. When you open the shipment manager, you’ll see a list of all paid orders. From the platform, you can access each of these shipments in order to choose your carrier service, print the identifying label and pay the shipping costs.

With this easy and centralised process, you can take care of all your shipments, saving time and effort that can now be dedicated to other processes generating value for your customers.

The various options offered for every order allow you to choose the one that suits you best, such as door-to-door, collection or drop-off services.

Reduced shipping costs

One of the main advantages of using the eBay shipment manager is access to exclusive shipping rates. The platform has established agreements with carriers and courier companies, allowing it to present special discounts to sellers on its platform.

From the shipment manager, you can opt for reduced rates and offers, with up to 70% off normal market prices. To access the best rates, you must be an active eBay seller and make a large quantity of sales, as eBay’s rate deals with carrier companies have been made based on shipping volume. The more you sell on eBay, the better shipping rates you’ll be able to access through the shipment manager.

Shipment tracking for end customers

One of the great advantages of shipping eBay sales with the shipment manager is the ability to share tracking information with customers. This way, the customer can track their order’s exact location en route to its destination.

This service offers great added value for customers and can make you stand out from the competition, while helping customers make their purchasing decisions.

Basic insurance included

All shipments made through the eBay shipment manager benefit from a free, basic insurance that covers up to €75. This is perfect for orders under this amount, as you’ll be able to count on total coverage at no extra cost.

Shipping automation options

Orders that have already been paid and which may be managed through the eBay shipment manager will contain all buyer information required, such as their name and delivery address. By importing this data, you can customise the eBay shipment manager to automatically generate shipments for all purchases according to pre-determined conditions, increasing speed and efficiency when it comes to shipping packages to buyers.

Integration with external e-commerce platforms

Many e-commerce sites feature products from their eBay store, allowing customers to browse their full catalogue. It is possible to import orders from tools like PrestaShop and other sales CMSs, using the eBay shipment manager.

To integrate the eBay shipment manager in PrestaShop, all you need to do is open your settings and enter the store’s name and API key. Once linked, any order made on your PrestaShop store will be imported into the eBay shipment manager control panel.

The eBay shipment manager is a tool that greatly facilitates the work of selling and shipping products through this platform. With a platform presenting all paid orders, you can access different rates and select the one best suited to each shipment. In just a few clicks, the entire shipping process can be completed and paid for, with advantages like the convenience of home collection before shipment to the end customer; free insurance coverage of up to €75 in case of damage or loss; exclusive, cheaper rates for eBay sellers; the ability to offer your customers access to order tracking; or integration with external e-commerce platforms.

Selling on eBay is much easier with this free tool, included within the platform in order to manage and accelerate shipments of completed sales. Customers will enjoy a better service and receive their purchases in less time, at the delivery point of their choice.