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Alongside Google and Microsoft, Amazon is one of the great internet giants. This company is not just one of the largest marketplaces today, it is also a huge corporation that offers all sorts of online services for businesses and individuals, such as audiovisual streaming content, videogames or cloud-computing services, for example.

Amazon Business is one of the many services offered to companies, SMEs and freelancers, with a special profile that allows them to enjoy a range of benefits.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is a special Amazon account type intended for companies, SMEs, professionals and freelancers, which offers them access to certain special features and utilities for their business.

With Amazon Business, you’ll enjoy access to all the features of a normal Amazon seller, as well as the ability to meet the inherent needs of other companies by creating an optimised sales channel for the B2B market (business to business).

How to create an Amazon Business account

Amazon Business is intended for businesses, professionals and freelancers, making it a great opportunity as it allows you to create an account for your online shop and access all the benefits it has to offer.

The process of creating an Amazon Business account is very simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you will need to use an email address to register with Amazon Business. You can use either a corporate account, or an account opened with any of the main email services (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.).
  • If you already have a personal Amazon account and want to convert it to an Amazon Business account for e-commerce, you can migrate it (which will also migrate your history and subscriptions to other services, such as Amazon Prime, for example).
  • Amazon will then take a few days to verify that the information provided for your account registration is correct.
  • Once you’ve received your Amazon Business confirmation email, you can log into your account and start setting up and using the new features available for your e-commerce business.
  • Now, you will be able to upload your products and build your online catalogue.
  • All invoices are automatically generated after entering the corresponding fiscal information.

Amazon Business benefits for your e-commerce business

Read on to discover all the benefits you can enjoy for your online shop by using an Amazon Business account.

Generating online invoices

Automated invoice creation is one of the great advantages of this type of Amazon corporate account. Invoices are automatically generated and broken down, with all corresponding taxes.

This service facilitates the management of your business, as it ensures that all invoices for online sales are correctly completed. What’s more, you’ll have the option to download all invoices with a single click or tap, saving plenty of time when it comes to administration.

Access to millions of companies

With Amazon Business, you can enjoy access to millions of companies seeking Amazon products that may be of use to their business. As well as the ability to sell on the marketplace the traditional way, you can offer your items to companies from various sectors who visit Amazon Business seeking reliable suppliers.

Unlimited free shipments

With Amazon Business Prime, you will be able to offer your customers free shipping – a crucial element in achieving more online sales. Users are often attracted by products that include free shipping, as these will not increase their purchasing expenses. Products in an online shop that offers free shipping will experience higher sales than those that do not offer this service.

Amazon Business Prime is a great opportunity for the users and customers of your e-commerce business to enjoy a better user experience by taking advantage of this free-shipping service – in other words, with delivery at no additional cost.

Access to millions of B2B customers

Amazon makes it easier for you to offer your products and services to other companies through your B2B e-commerce business. Regardless of the size of your online shop, you will be able to sell to any company, anywhere in the world – considerably growing your business.

With Amazon Business, you can offer your products without showing VAT, making purchasing decisions easier for other companies (often used to working with tax-exclusive prices).

Prices and discounts for companies

With Amazon Business, you can create special prices for companies, making buying from your e-commerce business all the more appealing for them. You will also be able to offer discounts by product quantity or according to your customers’ purchasing volume – truly attractive options that will help you to increase your turnover.

Unique items for companies

Another very useful feature is the ability to include items only available for B2B sales – in other words, that can only be seen and purchased by other companies. This way, you can create a dedicated B2B sales channel in which to maximise your sales and offer an exclusive service.

Recommended products

Amazon itself takes care of promoting and offering greater visibility to those B2B products that are of most interest to companies. This way, you will achieve a great deal more sales, while helping your company to make itself known to more companies on the internet.

Shipping flexibility

With Amazon Business, you will be able to manage shipments in the way that best suits your business.

  • You can choose to use Amazon’s logistics, to have the marketplace store and manage all your sales, while you focus on other aspects that add greater value to your business.
  • Or, you can opt for the seller’s logistics option to independently manage all sales made, without Amazon’s involvement in the process.
  • Finally, you might prefer to make use of the hybrid shipping method, in which some shipments of certain products are managed independently, while others are left to Amazon.

How much does Amazon Business cost?

Amazon Business costs the same amount as a professional Amazon seller account, with a monthly fee of £33 (although this may vary by category – as such, you will need to consult the category table to find the associated cost).

Currently, there is no charge for creating and using an Amazon Business account, other than the fees paid for a professional Amazon seller account.

Amazon Business is an ideal service which will allow you to significantly boost your online business. This way, you can use the Amazon platform to offer products and services, both to individuals and to businesses who turn to Amazon Business seeking top-quality suppliers with whom to create professional relationships (purchasing exclusive products, discounts for large purchase volumes, etc.).

This service is intended for companies, SMEs, professionals and freelancers, offering them a range of very useful services, such as the calculation of taxes (VAT) and the ability to generate and download invoices for each sale completed.

With Amazon Business, you can establish a personalised B2B sales channel, through which to create exclusive offers for other businesses, upload products that can only be bought by companies and generate significant discounts for bulk purchases. This is a great opportunity to hugely boost your online business, gaining access to the millions of companies who make their purchases on Amazon Business.