What payment methods are available on AliExpress?
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AliExpress is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world, thanks to the huge quantity of products available at extremely low prices. In the AliExpress business model, every product available on the platform is offered by a seller. These sellers can select how they would like users to pay for their purchases, and as such the payment methods used on AliExpress may vary from one product to another (depending on the seller).

In this article, we’re going to discuss the various payment methods available on AliExpress, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs – as long as the seller has it activated in their payment options.

What payment methods are available on AliExpress?

The forms of payment offered on AliExpress are the various methods through which items can be paid for on the platform. Although AliExpress offers a wide variety of payment methods, including the most popular and widely used on both a national and international level, each seller can choose to activate those they prefer for their own store on the platform.

How to find which payment methods are accepted on AliExpress

When making a purchase on AliExpress, you can check the payment methods accepted by any seller on the platform. To do so, you’ll need to click on ‘Show all payment methods’ before finalising your order.

Each AliExpress seller can personally select the payment methods through which users can purchase their products, so you’ll need to check which payment options they offer.

Which payment methods are available on AliExpress?

Next, we’ll list and explain each of the different payment methods offered on AliExpress to pay for purchases within the app or on the online platform.

AliPay AliExpress

AliPay is AliExpress’s own payment method which aims to protect consumers and offer certain promotional offers with very attractive discounts. When you make a payment with AliPay, the money is held until you receive the product and confirm that everything is in order.

This AliExpress security system is only available for bank-card payments, and offers the same benefits as specialist online payment gateways like PayPal.

An interesting characteristic of this service is the AliPay Bonus programme, through which you can save money and then use this balance on other purchases made with AliPay.

Credit and debit cards

The most common method of making payments online is still through bank cards, whether credit or debit. On AliExpress, you can pay with this type of card in total peace of mind, as the platform offers an integrated payment environment with security encryption to guarantee integrity and privacy when entering your card details (number, expiry date and CVC).

Cash on delivery

On AliExpress, cash on delivery is not offered as a payment method. Sellers on the Chinese platform do not offer cash on delivery within their payment options, and as such it’s almost impossible to find any products that may be purchased in this way.

Cash on delivery is an obsolete payment method which is rarely used in e-commerce – given the high risks generated, for both the buyer and the seller.

PayPal payment gateway

On AliExpress, PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods, with the majority of sellers including it in their payment options. PayPal is a payment gateway created specifically to carry out payments online, and as such it offers significant benefits in this regard.

PayPal holds the payment of an online purchase and does not release this until the customer confirms receipt of the item, facilitating the refund process in the event that this becomes necessary. Customer protection is the greatest advantage offered by PayPal when buying on AliExpress.

With the development of the aforementioned AliPay service, many buyers are beginning to use this new payment method instead of PayPal. This is because AliPay also includes buyer protection, as well as offering other benefits – such as attractive discounts.

Bank transfer

Although it is possible to make payments via bank transfer on AliExpress, this option has a few downsides that make it a payment method that’s better avoided.

The main disadvantages of paying by bank transfer on AliExpress are:

  • Bank transfers can only be used on AliExpress for orders above $20.
  • Payment must be made in dollars.
  • Payment requires an international transfer, as the majority of AliExpress vendors are in China. Banks charge commissions for making these types of transfers, and as such the total purchase cost may be considerably higher.
  • The time taken for the seller to ship the item will be greater than with other methods, as they’ll need to wait to receive the transfer (a process that may take several days for international transfers).

Other payment methods on AliExpress

AliExpress also accepts other payment methods, most of which related to popular payment methods in a given country, such as Mercado Pago in Mexico or Boleto in Brazil.

Some of the alternative payment methods accepted on AliExpress are:

  • Webmoney.
  • Doku.
  • Boleto.
  • Mercado Pago.
  • Giropau.

Which currencies are accepted by AliExpress?

Payments on AliExpress may only be made in a selection of specific currencies. Currently, the platform accepts payment in Euros, Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Russian Rubles.

Via the AliExpress app or website options, you can configure the currency in which you wish to make purchases, displaying the price of all items in this currency.

How are refunds received on AliExpress?

On AliExpress, any refunds for an item will be made to the same payment method used to purchase the item. This means that if you purchase the item using a debit card, your refund will be made to the same card.

AliExpress payment errors

Errors may occur during the payment process on AliExpress via its various payment methods, resulting in payment not being taken. In these cases, the platform will generate an error code that you can consult in order to discover the cause of the error preventing you from completing the purchase process.

For example, if you are presented with the error CSC_7200011, this means that payment could not be taken as there is not sufficient balance on your card or account. The code CSC_7200012 means that your card has expired and this has caused an error taking payment.

Purchasing on AliExpress is a simple and safe process, thanks to the various payment methods accepted on the platform. With the AliPay option, the Chinese company has taken a step further to guarantee your security when paying for orders on the platform, offering added value to users with significant discounts when using this payment method.