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Auctane Family of Companies

The Auctane family of companies (and their countries of organization) include:

  • Stamps.com Inc. (United States)
  • Auctane LLC (United States)
  • PSI Systems, Inc. (United States)
  • Interapptive Inc. (United States)
  • ShippingEasy, Inc. (United States)
  • ParcelGuard Insurance Services, Inc. (United States)
  • PhotoStamps Inc. (United States)
  • Abol Software, Inc. (United States)
  • Stamps Com Global Solutions Limited (Ireland)
  • Metapack Limited (United Kingdom)
  • MetaPack Poland Sp. z.o.o. (Poland)
  • MetaPack Germany GmbH (Germany)
  • ShipStation Limited (United Kingdom)
  • Packlink Shipping S.L.U. (Spain)